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So I am back from the League of NH Craftsmen’s 88th Annual Fair. Phew!! It was a great fair, so nice to see familiar faces and talk and show how I make my work. I am now starting to get new work ready for an upcoming show. I am working with a new medium for me, cold wax. It is fascinating! I use oil paints (not anything I have used before) and a cold wax medium made by Gamblin to create the colors. Tools like palette knives, bowl scrapers, and clay tools are used to add texture and layers of paints….and there are lots of layers. I generally work on 3 or 4 pieces at a time and then set them aside at the end of the day and then go back the next day to add more layers or texture. Sometimes I might have 15 layers of cold wax, some maybe only a few…but somehow the piece speaks to me and says “hey stop!” I’ve learned to listen…and then go back a few days later and really see how I feel.

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