Welcome to Cornerstone Design

Adele is a calligrapher and lettering artist who combines her love of mixed media, watercolors, and photography into messages from her spirit. She works at TWIGGS, her studio nestled on a hill overlooking farmland and the Merrimack River in Boscawen, New Hampshire. Surrounded by the natural world she loves, the expansive studio gives her the space and quietude to create and explore new and diverse ideas in the craft of ink, paper, and photography.

All that is contained within her website is made by her own hands, so if you have special requests or need something custom created, she would love to fill your needs.

Open to the public, TWIGGS is located 10 miles north of Concord, NH. The studio's regular hours are Thursday thru Sunday 11-4, but Adele suggests calling first to make an appointment. She has both a gallery area and a working studio so if you visit you'll have to know that the maid quit the week before, and Adele hasn't had time to clean up, so you'll have to excuse her if the studio is a little messy.